You benefit from the expertise in measuring technology we have built up over many years of experience in mobile machining. That gives us the perfect know-how to perform measuring work as a separate service. No distance is too far, and no job too small or large. Our engineers find the best process for your specific application.

Available for all your measuring requirements are our laser measuring system and other proven measuring equipment such as conventional or electronic machine spirit levels, optical measuring instruments, internal micrometers, roughness meters, micrometer gauges, revolution counters, assembly straight edges, measuring wire, calipers and more.

Our extensive equipment stock includes everything we need for checking the alignment of machines, machine foundations, bearing bores, belt drives, parallelism and alignment of shafts, parallelism and evenness of e.g. wind turbine masts, spindles of turning and milling machines and more.

Laser measuring

Our laser measuring system works efficiently even under the most difficult conditions. The flexible design means it performs all types of measurements quickly and precisely with a theoretical resolution of 0.001 mm – in practice, it delivers reproducible results in a range of a few hundredths of a millimetre. We digitally analyse the measuring results and provide you with measuring records.

We use this system to align our mobile milling machines and to measure the surfaces, flanges and boreholes to be machined before, during and after work. Our employees are specially trained to carry out these tasks.

Reasons for laser measuring

Making sure your machines are aligned properly and within the necessary tolerances saves you time and money. Laser measurement pays off quickly in terms of less outlay for spare parts, reduced stoppage times and lower electricity costs. Typical problems caused by misaligned machines are: