For mobile milling, we use modular milling units developed by ourselves. Our milling frames are designed so that they function precisely and reliably even under the toughest conditions. The modular structure makes it possible to mill small to large areas (up to approx. 1,500 x 3,800 mm) in one go.


If the milling area of our machines is too small to machine the surface required, we combine several milling units. Here, we use laser measuring technology or dial gauges to align the milling frame and the machined surface.

Usually, we attach our milling units to your component with our own specially developed mountings tacked or pinned in place. If this is not possible, we use screw or clamping devices. Next, the milling units are precisely aligned using set screws and machine spirit levels or measuring gauges. Depending on your wishes, we align our milling machines with existing surfaces, or produce new surfaces.

We can mill surfaces both horizontally and vertically. Ultra-precision electronic machine spirit levels provide the scope for milling faces at any angle.

Naturally, “overhead” milling is also possible. Our precision milling and measuring technology is accurate enough to achieve a flatness of up to 0.1 mm over the whole surface. Top precision is also guaranteed between several surfaces machined in a defined level. Whatever we do for you, we always document it for you in thorough measuring records.

Milling cutting

Depending on your requirements, we use a large range of cutting tools. Thanks to many years of experience in mobile cutting, we know which tools and which materials are best for each application. Standard tools used for stationary machining are not always the ideal choice for in-situ operations. Generally, we use face milling cutters with inserts, end milling machines, T-slot cutters or shell end mills.

We perform most cutting jobs without cooling lubricants to save you unnecessary cleaning.

We have developed cutting heads and angle cutting heads that make it possible to machine even hard-to-reach areas. The modular milling system incorporates different lengths of milling shafts that can cut at deep-lying spots. These cutting heads are designed to work efficiently despite their low height.

A special option is cutting grooves or T-slots, or small recesses.

Examples of milling work:

· Milling worn crane runways  /  tracks flat and even, possibly after welding in order to restore original dimensions
· Producing exactly defined machine and gear foundations, including any angles and sizes you specify
· Milling to produce sealing surfaces
· Cutting grooves in faces, blocks or shafts
· Machining head plates on steel structures