Special machine contruction

Our many years of experience in the development, construction and alteration of mobile machining equipment make us the experts in special machine construction. Although our focus is on developing milling machines, we are also ideally placed to advise you in all other areas of machine construction. Our expert employees involved in development, design, mechanical processing and assembly form the basis for innovative and high-quality developments. Modern CAD workplaces and highly-trained engineers in our design department give you the assurance that your projects will be carried out quickly and effectively.

Take for instance the milling systems for boiler support structures we supplied to two leading German steel construction companies.

They contracted us to develop and build two milling machines for flat milling the ends of boiler support structure columns. The columns measure 3 x 3 metres, are up to 18 meters long, and weigh up to 140 tons. We achieved an accuracy of +/- 0.2 millimetres, which is crucial for the subsequent assembly of the unit because the total height of the boiler support system is more than 170 m. The plants are designed for the high loads that occur in steel processing. They consist of three main parts: the machine bed and two milling machines. The milling machines can be mounted on the machine bed in various positions for simultaneous machining of the end surfaces of the boiler support columns. That means different column lengths can be machined as required.

Naturally, we supply more than just milling machines. You are at the centre of what we do, whether you want us to alter or repair an existing machine, or design and build a completely new machine.

We have contributed our know-how to several smaller projects, such as the alteration of a used scissor lift, an agricultural machine, or new construction of a semi-automated stapler.  

We also cooperate with a strong partner in the steel and plant construction industry, giving us the capacity to support you in this area as well. Simply contact us, and together we will develop a solution for your problem.

To meet our own needs, we constantly develop, construct and improve our mobile milling machines. Over the years, we’ve added more and more dimensions to our modular milling frames. This is where we draw on our in-depth experience to optimise our new developments.

Another key aspect of special machine construction is the project-related adaptation of our mobile milling machines to your specific requirements. For instance, for processing the track of the SkyTrain in Düsseldorf, we developed and built two independent transport units for our mobile milling units.

Equally illustrative of our versatility is the “Effelsberg radio telescope” project for the Max-Planck-Institute. Here, we milled the track (ø 64 m) for the radio telescope. Within a week, we built a transport unit that was installed behind the undercarriage of the telescope.